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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are we back up and running?

After today S&P breakout of 50-day line with accumulation volume and with NASDAQ at almost the same high before the correction starts, we are back up and running.

Gentleman start you engines ! Whoohoo !

This doesn't mean that we need to go "all in" I like to start investing slow and as the stocks move as we expect I gradually increase my positions, but NEVER averaging down. Remember that market will do whatever it wants, we only invest on the best odds, so despite I believe this correction is over we always have to take some precautions and invest gradually to confirm our theory.

I share with you my top wolfie watchlist: $SALE $DATA $FB $UA $EFII $GLOG
Most of them start moving before today's confirmation so they are pretty extended, I started nibbling some $SALE today.

$SALE is a young IPO selling online coupons with impressive sales and earnings results that yesterday broke out from a nice cup without handle base ON VOLUME. Before buying a stock I like watching the product, it's easier when it's an online product because we can check it out in seconds.

I also love $DATA or Tableau products, looking to buy some soon, again based on impressive earnings and sales reports and volume accumulation.

Have a great week wolfies, bite some asses !

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