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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hot Trending Industry Group: Computer Software-Gaming

Whenever the market starts to shakeout several leaders and indeces start to jump around all over the place without a clear trend, we have to take a look within industry groups to be aware of any shift in trends of industry groups.

Just giving a heads up, the computer software gaming group of stocks are currently trending higher and steadily moving up the ladder.

The relative position of the group was:

This week: #7
Last week: #14
3 weeks ago: #29
6 weeks ago: #62

This group has continuosly trending higher as the market keep shaking off the laggards and showing new leaders.

Some names on this group: $EA $ZNGA $SOHU $ATVI

Per my rules I rather trade $EA because of the market capitalization and liquidity.
Another great performance indicator is that for past 8 quarters in a row $EA has being increasing their fund ownership, that is a rare high number. And if the big boys want this stock I want it too.

The stock reacted very well to past week earnings report, breaking out on almost 3x above average volume.

Definitely at least a stock/industry group to keep on your watchlist.

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